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PRP (Platelet Rich Plazma)

PRP means platelet rich plasma. The process of the blood of the quince is based on the fact that the resulting platelet (clotting cell) and growth factors are much more dense and richer than normal blood values. It should not be confused with steem cell application.

In this process it is more about isolating the growth factors released from the platelets rather than obtaining the intended target platelets. The growth factors work by affecting many other cell groups. With the growth factors obtained after the PRP preparation, a construction process is tried to be triggered.

The process begins with taking blood from the patient. Usually approximately 20 cc blood is taken. The amount might be increased based on the area applied. Sterile, the blood containing anticoagulant chemicals is centrifuged once or twice according to the characteristics of the kit is used. In the result centrifugation, plasma white and some red blood cells are removed from the platelets, which have reached approximately 5 times their normal concentration, separated from their components by centrifugation. It is homogenized to ensure that there is an equal number of cells in the plasma at equal amount. The activators added to increase the activity are ready to implement PRP afterwards.

During the application usually, anesthesia is not required. For patients who can not tolerate pain a superficial anesthesia with cream can be applied, local anesthesia can be applied when deemed necessary. It will be injected to the area with very thin pinpoint needles (30-32 g). It can be combined with Dermapen, dermaroller, mesotherapy guns can be used. It can be added to fat grafts, can be added to creams. The duration of the process lasts about 30-45 minutes.

Besides the cosmetic application it also can be used as facial wrinkles, reduce the sagging, blemish treatment, increasing the quality of scar, preventing hair loss and after hair transplant operation as support purpose. There is a research about using it in every diseases’ treatment almost in every branch of medical. It can be used commonly in wounds which have problem with healing and treatments in joint disorder.

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