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Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

Hair loss is a health problem that is seen in both men and women in the society and negatively affects the social life of the person. There are many reasons for hair loss. The most common type of hair loss is “Androgenic Alopecia”, which is caused by genetic predisposition. This type of hair loss usually starts with shedding on both sides of the forehead and towards the back in men. Hair loss progresses from the front hairline to the crown area. The earlier the hair loss starts, the faster it will develop.

Male pattern hair loss occurs due to three main reasons such as old age, male hormone, and genetic predisposition. Male pattern hair loss results from genetic predisposition with a rate of 90%. In other words, it is a congenital problem that this people experience hair loss over time. In genetic problems such as hair loss, not only gene transfer from parents, but also gene transfer from other people who have a related relationship play a role.

In addition to genetic factors, insomnia, stress, smoking and alcohol use, diet; lifestyle and other conditions also trigger hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is generally seen more dominantly between the ages of 20 and 35.

Although it varies from person to person, hair transplantation can be applied up to 4000 grafts depending on the need and the density of the donor area.

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