About Us

Healthy living
It’s easier with Ento ENT.

Founded in 2001 in Izmir, ENTO ENT, with its specialized and experienced physicians, provides services to patients with advanced technologies such as Otorhinolaryngology, Nasal Aesthetics Rhinoplasty, Dematology Skin, Hair Transplantation, Sleep Problem, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Hearing Tests.

Type A
medical Center

  • Advanced Technology
  • Operating Theaters
  • VIP Observation Rooms
  • Sleep Laboratories
  • Audiometry Laboratories
  • Polyclinics

Our Location

ENTO ENT is located at the Ringway Industrial Junction (Forum Bornova entrance).

Unlimited Service

ENTO ENT provides health services every day of the week.

Surgery hours

In ENTO ENT, policlinic examinations are performed until 23.00.

Our mission

Health services, taking into account your expectations and needs in a fast, economic and quality way to offer you.


Our Vision
Our aim is to provide our patients with the opportunities brought by developing medicine and to bring together our sustainable, accessible and high quality health services that are taken as a useful example to the society with the value we attach to human health in different branches.

Quality Policy
To provide reliable and reliable medical services in diagnosis and treatment with our expert physicians and health personnel by keeping the expectations and satisfaction of our patients at the forefront. Our aim is to raise public awareness by informing our colleagues and patients through our educational and scientific studies.

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