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Face Lift Operation

Face Lift Operation

Facial lifting surgery, which has been used frequently in recent years to relieve the sagging and wrinkles that have come to our attention due to the stress of everyday life, the sun and aging, is the correction of visible signs of acing on the face and neck by surgical intervention. Face lift surgery is a frequently applied aesthetic procedure, and the results are often pleasant. With many different methods, the face can be applied to many different places.


Patients expressing the following complaints may be eligible candidates for face lift operation.

  • Sagging on the middle face region
  • Deep wrinkles under eye lids
  • Deep lines extending to the mouth corner along the nose
  • Sagged or displaced fats
  • Lower percentage of muscle elasticity loss from neck


Operation performs under local + sedition or general anesthesia and it may last 3-5 hours depend on the operation. Hospitalisation is usually 1 day. The face is wrapped with a lightly printed bandage for 2 days following the operation. There may be complaints such as pain, tension, swelling, blurring and drowsiness on the skin surface after the operation. The pain is not severe enough to disturb and can easily be controlled by pain medication. The swelling rapidly decreases in the first few days, it takes about 2-4 months for the remaining and noticeably non-obvious bloating to disappear and the skin to fully fit on the face.


Applying the instructions your doctor gives you is the key to the success of your surgery. Surgical incisions must not be subjected to excessive strain, rubbing, abrasion and movement at the recovery stage.

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