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Breast Aesthetics


Breast augmentation

From the birth one of the breast may not be formed. To bring both of the breast equally or increase the volume the most useful method in recent days is silicon prothesis (implant). Mammy prothesis are similar to balloon shaped structures. Round and drop shaped silicons which is called anathomics are also available. One of these will be chosen based on the women’s breasts’ conditions. The prothesis which is covered with silicon is still filled silicon gel which was established until 2006th of November by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in USA.


If the patient is over 40 years old, before the operation some radiologic examination such as mammograph and ultrasonography is needed. Every surgery has general or special risks. On the breast area having some pain and oedema is foreseen complaints. Bleeding and infections regarding the operation is very rare situations. Some patients complain about the increasing or decreasing sensitiveness on their nipples or emotionlessness around the cut. This is usually temperory. It has been suggested that some foreign body disease (connective tissue disease) develops in the body against a foreign body prosthesis, it is difficult breast feed, and the prosthesis causes cancer. However, it has not been proven scientifically.


Mammography and surgical examination does not become a problem for patients who has had prothesis. The prothesis will be seen blank in the mammography. The risk of cancer development in a mammary breast prosthesis will not increased, it is normal as the mammy tissue. When such a condition occurs, surgery and other treatment modalities for cancer in the prosthesis are applied in line with the standards. The operation performs under general anesthasia in the hospital in operation room environment. The duration is 1-2 hours. To apply the prothesis a cut open about 4-5 cm. This permission settlement can be one of these:

  • Under-breast fold (Submammari)
  • Breast lower head (Circumareos)
  • Under arm (alcils).


Prothesis is being placed behind the breast tissue or behind breast mucsles (pectoral) depends on the patient’s breast structure. Each application has its own advamtages and disadvantages, this detail has to be reviewed before the operation.


After surgery usually goes comfortable. The pain is minimized. If the prothesis is placed behind the breast muscle then movement of the area is remained limited. After the surgery the bra or dressing is allied to breasts. If the stiches do not dissolve themselves, the stiches will be taken out on the 10th – 12th day. There is no need to remove the stiches if the stiches dissolve by themselves. There can be swellings in the early period, there can be nombless and colour changes like purplish on the breast head. These shades away themselves in short time period. Patients can go back to work in 3-4 days. Prothesis will settle in after 3 weeks and it will gain its function as breast. Doing heavy excersise for 2 months (which requires excises like jumping-running) is not suggested. Prosthetic breast augmentation surgery with prothesis is a surgery that generally produces a good and lasting result that improves the mental health and psychosocial structure of the person and makes them more dependent on life.


Usually cannulas are not stiched or 1-2 stiches will be placed. Sometimes using the cannulas very thin drains are settled, this helps to empty the serum. It is possible to discharge from the hospital on the same day or after 24 hours dependening on how big is the surgery.


After operations usually goes comfortable. The pain pretty much decreases and it can be treated with medicines. At the end of the operation, a special bandage is applied to the areas where vacuum is applied and the patient is dressed with a special corset. Patient is dressed after surgery. Patient keeps continue to wear corset for 5-6 weeks. There can be purplish colour changes where vacumm is applied. There can be swelings, tingling and burn feeling. These disappear by themselves in 3 weeks. Surgical scars also become vague within 2-6 months.


Breast reduction

Aesthetic breast reduction surgery looks like one of the cosmetic operations performed to correct the external appearance of a woman, but it is actually not only aesthetic but also a functional surgery. Sagging breast depending on the largeness can cause ache on the back and neck in women, also cause hump. Patienet can have difficulty to breath. When the breasts are continually rubbed together with each other, it can be result with rashes and injuries. Daily physical activity can be restricted. Having large breast can give difficult time to choose clothes and also, the lack of self-esteem causes social and psychological problems.


In the aesthetic breast reduction operation, the large breast tissue gets the shape of person’s body size. Additional breast tissue and the skin on it will be taken out. The nipples will be put in the correct place.


Surgery is performed under general anesthesia in the hospital condition and in the operating room environment. Duration of the operation is 2,5 – 4 hours. Whichever method is used does not matter, there will ve scar left around the nipples. In additional to this, there is a reverse T-shaped trace down the middle of the lower edge of the nozzle head according to the method applied. The permissible lower part of the T shape conforms to the submerged fold. However, there will not be any scar left on the breast folding areas with the new applied method. There is only a trace of 4.5-5 cm down around the nipple head and down the middle of the lower edge of the nipple head. These traces are very visible at the beginning and over time the traces become less visible.


The degree of the traces which remains on the skin depends on the greatness of the breast, the used method in surgery and person’s ability to have to leave traces on skin. patient can go back to work in 1 week. Staying away from heavy exercise for 3 months is suggested. Aesthetic breast reduction surgery is a surgery that generally provides a good and lasting result, which improves the mental health of the person and the spouse and makes them more attached to life, especially facilitating the woman’s clothing style. The new formed breast will be long lasting, weight changes, pregnancy, breast feeding and gravity can cause increasing volume in the breast and sagging.

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