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Moustache Transplantation

Moustache Transplantation

One other factor that justifies the look of men is the mustache. Mustache is an aesthetic factor that changes the expression identity of the face. Mustache transplant can be applied to those patients whose mustache have not grown for a reason or have been shredded or has become sparse as a result of a disease.


The roots that are taken from the back of the neck with the FUE method, are then injected to desired are with the help of micro-motors, under local anesthesia. The transplanted roots preserve their nature in the mustache field as well, and without shredding they continue to grow. For this reason, the shortening of the growing hair will have been done regularly during shaving. If the roots are transplanted very close to each other, they cannot nourish. Therefore, the density of hair should be arranged in such way that allows the roots to be able to obtain the necessary nutrition. Hair loss and scars in any kind including surgery scars and sears can be totally camouflaged almost completely by mustache transplant. A very significant change in the looks occur as a result of the operation.


It is no different than the hair transplant in terms of implementation. In all transplants, what matters is to get natural results. One important factor to consider during mustache transplantation is to keep the hair as close to skin as possible since this is the natural pattern of mustache hair.

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