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Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment

Lip – Palate Slit

Lip palate is a disease caused by union of structures in the face area of the baby due to various reasons during the development of the baby in the mother’s womb. This congenital anomaly has no single cause; this abnormality can occur because of genetic factors, as well as for many reasons such as consanguineous marriage, viral infections in pregnancy, some vitamin deficiencies, cigarette or alcohol use in pregnancy.


In environmental factors, the mother spent the first three months of her pregnancy; rubella infection, oligohydromnios, vitamin B deficiency, steroid use of ontocavulcan. Toxoplasma and rubella infections in the first trimester are associated with increased risk for older mothers. Smoking and lack of vitamin can also effect this.


Lip slit operation can be possible to perform at the 3rd month of the baby, palate slit can ben performed at the 6th or 12th month of baby depending on the baby’s weight and blood value.

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