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Audiology Hearing Tests

Audiology is the branch of science in which studies on hearing and balance are carried out and hearing-balance disorders are investigated. Hearing loss can be divided into natal and acquired. Natal hearing loss can also be divided into non-genetic and genetic origin. Non-genetic hearing loss includes premature birth, low birth weight, infections in the womb, etc. countable. Examples of genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, usher’s syndrome, genetic-related hearing loss can be cited. Hearing loss occurs at birth and if not intervened, it adversely affects language and speech development. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, language and speech development may not be present. In addition to language and speech problems, learning problems occur and academic success decreases.


When you think about the following questions, you can understand whether you need a hearing test.


Do You Need a Hearing Test?


  • Do you prefer someone close to you to make important phone calls for you?
  • When talking on the phone, do you always prefer to use the same ear, when it is even more convenient to use the other ear?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding people trying to talk to you in noisy places like restaurants?
  • Do your family and friends complain that you are listening to the TV too loud?
  • Do you deny that you may have a hearing problem?
  • Do you ask others about the details of the meeting you just attended?
  • In quiet environments, do you hear noises such as fly humming, whistling or wind chirping?
  • Do you have aches and pains in your ears after concerts?
  • Do you have hearing loss for a while?


If you answer “Yes” to some of these questions, we invite you to our centre for a hearing test.

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