Audiology Hearing Tests

What are the reasons for audiology and hearing loss?

Audiology hearing is a science which works on balance and hearing-balance failure investigation.
You can see if you need a hearing test if you think about the following questions.

  • Do you prefer to make your important phone call to one of your close friend?
  • While you are talking on the phone, even though the other ear is more suitable but do you prefer to use same ear all the time?
  • When you are at a restaurant or somewhere loud, do you have trounble with hearing people who’s trying to talk to you?
  • Do your family ot your friends complain that you watch TV too loud?
  • Do you deny that you have problem with hearing?
  • Do you ask people the details of the meeting which you have attended earlier?
  • In the quiet environment, do you hear voices like fly buzzes, whistle or wind?
  • Do you feel pain or acne in your ear after the concert? Do you have hearing loss for a short time?


If you answered some of these questions as “Yes” then we invite you to our center for a hearing test.


What are the reasons for hearing test?

Hearing loss can be divided two as natal and acquired. Natal hearing loss can be divided two as well, as non-genetic and genetic origin. Non-genetic hearing losses include premature birth, low birth weight, infections in the mother’s womb, etc. examples of genetic disorders such as down syndrome, usher syndrome, genetically related hearing loss can be cited.


If the hearing loss is presented at birth and not intervented, it affects the development of language and speech negatively, and there may be no development of language and speech depending on the degree of hearing loss. In addition to language and speech problems, learning problems arise and academic achievement falls.

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