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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

On the face, neck, back and the body result of the wens, a little swollen can be seen on the skin and at times there can be infections inside the skin which are the lessions. This dermatologic disease mostly seen in adolescence period.

What causes these acnes?

The thickness on the hair-fat gland where the fat secration goes on the skin surface in the genetically susceptible person and increase in the adhesiveness of the cells therein and clogging in the congestion is an important factor. Other factors are increased fat secretion (sebum) accumulating in this channel during adolescence, forming black or white spots called comedones. Physical factors as well as genetic factors play a role in the clogging of the pores. The other reasons what causes acnes are; this means that the sebaceous bacteria in the obstructed pores are located and cause a fire or inflammation here.

Does the reason for acne is liver failure?

There are no relations between the acne and the liver failure and the tight link between these two diseases are not based on a scientific basis.

Is there any inclination to genetic acne?

Acne can be seen more intensely in individuals with severe acne problems and no acne can also be seen. However, even so an inclination can be a matter.

Is there any connection between acne and diet?

In some scientific studies, there is no direct connection between acne and the food we eat. However, recently studies have indicated that acne is triggered by foods with a high glycemic index. Besides this some patients describe an increase in acne severity fat-oil, high-calorie, and immediate blooded foods such as cores, fries and chocolate and it is beneficial for these patients to stay away from this type of diet, which they think increases acne complaints.

Is there any connection between menstrual irregularity and acne?

If acne in the female patient is not at puberty and starts at an advanced age, it should be assessed for hormone deficiency if there is one or more of the symptoms of menstrual irregularity, difficulty in weight loss, excessive hair around the chin, abdomen, back and nipple. In thsese patients specially, ovarian cyst, which is, polycystic over disease is suspected. In this disease the pustulation is pretty much stubborn and the treatment is quite different from acne treatment used in men. In general, it should be remembered that during most menstrual periods, acne complaints may increase, the cause of these hormones is a natural process and not a sign of disease. In pregnancy, acne can also be exacerbated by hormones.

Is squeezing pimples suggested?

No, squezzing or playing with pimples are not suggested. Some types of acne can only drain acne lesions under the supervision of a doctor.

How can an acne be treated?

There are many alternative treatments for acne. In the case of mild arthritis, only washing products and creams may be sufficient, while oral and pills should be used in moderate-to-heavy flow and hormonal flow. The most used medicines are antibiotics, vitamin A derivative medicines and birth control pills, however these may be use under doctor controls and supervision. Beside these laser, chemical skin peeling (peeling) are one of the used methods. Every patient that should not be forgotten is different from each other and the treatment of each patient is different.

Is there a relation between sun and acne?

Sun lights can relieve acne. Ultraviolet is effective by suppressing inflammation. However, non-greasy sun protection products suitable for skin type should be preferred and should not stay under direct sunlight.

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