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The importance of early diagnosis in head-neck cancer

Head-neck cancer compose all of the cancer’s approximately 10-15%. Early diagnosis of tumors is very important, as it has many functions related to body functions by region. Head-neck cancers also can be count as lipi tounge, check, palate, tonsil, nasopharynx (nasal passage), larynx (laryngeal), hypopharynx (entrance of gullet).

Head-neck cancer mostly seen in men around 50-60 years old. Mostly seen is larynx (laryngeal) cancer. Because all of the mentioned areas covered by swallowing, speaking and breathing functions are regions where the cancer is diagnosed early, treatment without loss of function is possible. Also, a very important part of the head and neck cancers can only be detected with a detailed ear nose throat examination. Smoking can be very risky for head-neck cancers.

Lip and inside mouth (oral cavity) cancer

You must see an ENT Specialist if there is non-healing and growing wound in lip or tongue, unreformed pin in tounge or throat, swallowing disorder or swelling in the neck. In early periods, cancer can be cured with simple surgery. For advanced cancers, an operation can be performed without damaging the functions. These operations are performed successfully in our hospital.

Nasal passage (Nasopharynx) cansers

If there is a growing swelling on the neck, congestion feeling in one ear or nose bleedings then a detailed examination is required. With early diagnosis chemoradiotherapy (medicine and radiotherapy) can be fully healed.

Larynx (laryngeal) cancers

Having hoarseness for past twenty days, having a strange feeling in the throat, complaints such as hanging while swallowing then ENT examination is required. Early diagnosis and treatment can be done with simple surgical procedures. In future periods, it is necessary to clean the neck lymph nodes (neck dissection) with half or full laryngeal operations. Even radiotherapy (light therapy) is an option, still surgery is often recommended.

It can be very precious for one day in all types of mentioned cancers and the loss of function within days can become serious. For this reason, it is very important to make an early diagnosis and treatment immediately so that the person can easily get over the process. Specially in laryngeal cancers, a slight advancement can have serious consequences because it is a small structure due to its laryngeal structure.
Please do no neglet your complaints and immediately see an ENT specialist.

As an ENTO ENT MEDICAL CENTER we have the necessary experience in the diagnosis and treatment of these tumors and we are carrying out the procedures successfully.

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