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Stem Cell Therapy – PRP

Stem Cell Therapy – PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a treatment method based on the use of platelet-enriched plasma for skin rejuvenation and fasten up the wound healing. With the advanced technology in recent years, the blood is taken out from the person itself and with a special tube it gets centrifuge. The separated plasma is injected into the targeted area to be treated with different techniques.


The thrombin which found in the blood takes role in stopping bleedings and healing the wound. Millions of platelets in the platelet rich plasma also attract more stem cells and thus more growth factor is released. The growth factors also replenish and repair the skin by providing new collagen formation.


Right after laser and peeling application PRP treatment can be used successfully in constructing skin and providing it to heal fast, to provide a deep resilience, vitality and brightness that starts to age due to internal and external factors, to accelerate the treatment of injuries to the wound, crack and skin integrity, to strengthen the effect of hair loss alone or other treatment options.


Since PRP serum was obtained from the person’s own blood, it does not bear the risk of allergies and infectious diseases. In addition, procedures such as taking blood, removing platelets are sterile and this process is made with the help of a special closed kit producted and with this reason this application is accepted as trustworthy.


The application should be done at least 3 times at intervals of 3 weeks to get an effective response. After that, doing one application every 6-12 months will keep the effectiveness stable. The greatest advantage of the PRP is that the rejuvenating effect provided is not only concentrated in specific areas, it is spread over a wider area and is more permanent. It boosts the skin naturally and restructure.

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