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Air-filled spaces in nose, forhead, temporal side and around the eye is called sinus. These sinuses open up to nose through canals. In these canals mucosa is paasing.

The secretion which the mucosa produces goes inside the nose and provides heat in the respiratory tract and keeps there moist. If these mocosas get infections then sinuses forms. There are two types of sinuses which are called chronic and acute.

Who has sinuses and how does it occur?

Having crooked nose structure or having broken nose blocks mucus flow and sinuses make patient more sensitive. The same problem arises in people with colds. Apart from these, smoking and alcohol users and patients whose body resistance is low and catches infections a lot is more likely to catch sinus dieseases. In sinuses there are pain on the neck, face and eyes. Headache is compelling. When you press pressure where you have pain, sensitiveness increases. These pain gets wild specially with acute sinus. The other syptoms of people who have sinus is having runny nose. This is usually unilateral and the flow is yellowish-greenish color. Also, there are some side effects which the sinuses bring. Patients general health condition can go bad. There can be double vision, gripy swellings on the eyes and forehead. It must be treated.

How to diagnose sinus?

First of all, you must see an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. Firstly, your complaints will be listened. Specialist will want to know how often and when you have headaches, the colour of your nose’s flow. If needed, your specialist might ask you for a rontgen to examine your sinuses. These are used in acute sinuses. To examine chronic sinuses, catscan may be needed. Also, with the help of endoscopy examining your nose might be needed.

Sinusitis Treatment:

Generally, antibiotics are used for acute sinus. Approximately, medicine might be needed to use for 10 days. Your doctor can extend this day if he/she find it necessary. Also, some medicines and nose drops can be used to open up the nose. In acute sinus, positive result is taking after medicine treatment.

For chronic sinus, fistly the reason for sinus must be found. Generally, to mend the crocked nose and cartilage inside the nose requires surgery. The solution for chronic sinus is a surgery. It isn’t a risky surgery and the side effects are very rare. Apart from these treatment, there are some things that a patient can do at home. Clean the nose with salty water or with steam, keeping the nose open with nose drops will relax the patient and it will help the treatment. Also, drinking a lot of water will increase the mucusa and will provide it to become fluid.

Sinus operations, usually performs under general anesthesia, performed to open the sinus canals through the nose. The endoscopic method is used in this operation. There is a fear of putting a tanpon in the nose on a lot of patients who will be operated. The operations can be succeddfully operated without tampon some of the patients’ nose. After the operation, your doctor may suggest you to use some medicine. In this way, the possibility of recurrence of sinusitis is reduced. After simple sinus surgery, the likelihood of recurrence is very low. Allergia-related sinusitis can be recurrent.

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