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Middle Ear Infections – Chronic Otitis Surgery

Middle Ear Infections – Chronic Otitis Surgery

The middle eatr infections also know as Chronic Otitis Media (COM), ear gyrus perforation, ear discharge, hearing loss with a longer duration of 3 months and a medial ear inflammatory process that is not fully remedied by medical treatment.


Middle ear is a small blank space in skull. It is separated from the outside by a membrane called ear glands. The middle ear cavity is covered with the same mucous membrane that covers the mouth and nose, and this space is connected to the nasal cavity at the back of the nose by a narrow canal called the exoskeleton.


This sign and findings:

  •  Distortion of the integrity of the ear drum (hole on the ear drum)
  •  Distortion in the auditory cusps of the middle ear
  •  Long-standing or frequent ear discharge
  •  On the periphery; that is, the balance in the inner ear or the hearing damage that occurs in the hearing organ, in the facial nerves, in the membranes surrounding the brain or brain.


When the active infection is takene under control, the surgery is suggested.


There are three objective purposes of chronic otitis surgery treatment.

  • Cleansing of diseased tissue.
  • Reshaping the mastoid bone just behind the middle ear and external ear canal.
  • Protecting or improving the auditor.
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