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Medical Skin Treatment

Medical Skin Treatment

The skin peeling and treatment processes are get done by skin therapist that is called Medical Skin Treatment. The skin care is specially prepared for every individual person who is having skin problems. The main reason for skin treatment is to purify the skin from death cells, to clean deeply and provide skin to stay healthy.

The varieties of skin care:

  • Anti – pigment therapy (blemish care)
  • Acne control therapy
  • Main care therapy


Medical skin care gets done under doctor controls by skin therapists.
The duration of the process is 1,5 – 2 hours. Applying the process regularly will allow your skin problem disappear fast.

Steps of Skin Care Process

  • Cleansing
  • Peeling
  • Steam
  • Pore cleansing
  • High frequency
  • Mask
  • Serum and moisturizer will be the final steps.

Note: The steps above are the steps for standard skin care. For personal skin care treatment, the steps and used products can be different.

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