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Is Non-Surgical Sleep Apnea Treatment Possible?


Sleep apnea has different types of treatments.

First of all, an examination should be made in order to be positive that there are no problems that requires a surgical operation. Then a sleep test is run in order to define the level of sleep apnea and the treatment is planned accordingly. In some cases, a simple orthopedic pillow might be sufficient (for e.g. For overweight patients). If the patient is a smoker, quitting the habit helps a lot. Also, a prosthesis formed like dental prosthesis that make the chin move forward can be very useful to cure sleep apnea. If the level of apnea is very high according to the sleep test, then sleeping with CPAP / BIPAP (continuous of biphasic masks) devices is the ideal treatment method.

Patients who do not want to go under surgery should be informed about these alternative methods.

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