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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Is FUE method hair transplant operation the best method for reconstructing hair?

The latest technique used in the world, the FUE method, is the best method for reconstructing hair in recent days. Natural results are achieved with a successful operation with an expert team.

Before the hair transplant operation why should I do online consultation?

If you will come from different country or different city we suggest online consultatios. In addition to being free, this conversation will provide you with important information about the operation, allowing you to express your expectations. Whether you are a candidate for hair transplant can be assessed by experts and informed about the outcome of the operation.

Are you a good candiadate for hair transplant?

Hair transplant operation is a solid solution for many people who lost their hair. The operation is successfully performed in people with a healthy donor area.

What is the cost of hair transplant?

The cost of hair transplant operation depends on the person’s need in roots. The larger the bald area of the are, the higher the cost.

Will I feel pain or ache in the hair transplant operation?

You may feel a little pain during local anesthesia. During the operation, we provide confort for you to rest and feel better. In this period, you can watch television or listen to music.

Where the root will be taken for hair transplant?

In the hair transplant operation, the roots are usually taken out from the nape are of the head between two ears. Since these hairs have the feature of not genetically spilling, they continue to survive after a successful operation. The success of the operation depends on the person’s nape area’s thickness and volume.

How long is the operation?

The duration of the operation depends on the person’s need. 800 graft operation can last up to 4 hours whereas 2500 graft operation can last up to 8 hours.

How long is the recovery?

After the operation there can be seen small scab dots. These scabs fall off in one week. At the end of 10 days the patient can go back to the routine life.

When will the transplanted hair grow?

After the operation the transplanted hair fall of in 2 months by breaking. At the 3rd month, transplanted hair will start growing. It takes one year for all hair to grow.

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