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Face and Neck Lifting

Face and neck lifting

Face and neck lift is a surgical method used in the treatment of deformations due to aging in the face and neck region.

Problems such as sagging in the middle of the face, deep lines around eyelids, deepening of the natural formation extending from the rim to the rim, losing deep flexibility in the food area, abnormal oil storage in this region, double chin sight can be fix with face lift.

Findings such as heredity, environmental factors, smoking, stress can be seen in early ages.

Generally, this operation can be combined with neck lifting, fat transfusion and eyelid surgeries. Concurrent, peeling or laser can be applied to increase skin tone.

The general health status is appropriate, aspirin and bleeding profile that disrupts the use of drugs, at least 1 month before the cigarette has stopped smoking, can be operated.

Depending on procedure’s content duration is approximately 4-5 hours. It performs under general anesthesia. Frequently drain is used. 1-2 days hospitalization might be needed. Afterwards, to support and prevent oedama a face corset will be used. Depending on the contest of the procedure an appropriate medication will be given. The black-and-blue mark will take 1-2 weeks to heal however, it takes some time for oedema to vanish. At the end of first month the swelling will disappear but it is necessary to wait a few months to evaluate the net result of the surgery. Dermal fillings and Botulinum Toxin is an operation that provides long-lasting and serious progression in cases where face applications that start with Type A injections are inadequate.

Neck lifting

Problems such as severe greasness in the neck area, loose neck skin, sagging in the neck mucles, losing chin border, double chin look can be fix with neck lifting. Frequently it can be combine with face lifting or it can be seen as isolated operation.

General health status is appropriate, can be safely applied to any patient who may have general anesthesia without a wound healing problem. Duration of the operation is approximately 1-2 hours. Frequently drain is used. Right after the operation an elastic bandage will be applied. Excessive movement of the neck and cold and oedema treatment should be avoided after this operation. 1-2 days hospitalization is necessary. Bruises goes aways completely 1-2 weeks. Waiting 1-2 months is needed for swellings and oedema to go away. In the first days, the numbness in the operation area is completely solved over time. It is important to stay away from heavy exercise in few weeks.

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