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Dermal Filling Implementations

The injectable filling materials are used in non-surgical treatments and corrections of thin lips, facial wrinkles and losses of volume.

By age, the tissues under skin loses their volumes and the muscles work closer to the skin surface. As a result, dynamic wrinkles and crow’s feet lines become more significant. The results that occur at the early stages of aging such as wrinkles, contours that become indistinct, loss of volume in skin that are caused by age, life style, sun, genetical and environmental factors can be treated with success by dermal fillings.

The results obtained by dermal fillers are never as precise and radical as the results obtained by surgery however it can be a good option for situations where timing is too early for surgery or for patients that do not have eligible health conditions.

Dermal fillers can be applied easily in clinical conditions. Anesthesia is rarely necessary. A comfortable implementation is provided by applying cold and creamy anesthetics. For patients with low pain-thresholds, local anesthesia can be applied.
Dermal filling implementations do not have any recovery period. Patient can return to daily activities right after. A low amount of edema, redness in skin, feel of fullness and rarely bruises are among the most common side effects of dermal fillers. For the treatment of the side effects applying cold gives good results and the results disappear within a few days.

Dermal fillings can be applied safely to any patient whose general health condition is suitable and who do not use any medicine that effects the blood coagulation time. Results are observed immediately after the implementation. Various dermal fillers are available based on chemical content, effecting time and softness.

Filler that contain hyaluronic acid are most common products used in practice. The most important reason of this is their high level of bio-compatibility and safety. Every living structure contains a certain amount of hyaluronic acid. In our bodies, we have a high amount of this substance in ligaments, cartilage, joint fluids and skin.

Hyaluronic acid is mostly used in practices of depressed acne scars, loss of volume in the cheeks, treatment of significant crow’s feet lines and deep marionette lines (the lines that lie from the side of the nose towards the side of mouth), in frown lines, cigarette lines (lines that are present vertically above the upper lip and in deep forehead lines as well as for the purpose of edging the lip borders and in needs of volume. The effect endures from 12 to 18 months. It is necessary to repeat the implementation in order to maintain an effective and permanent treatment. It is often combined with Botox applications and thus more effective results are obtained.

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