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Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

It is possible to transplant beard to those areas with scars. These scars might be congenital or have occurred as a result of burnt or trauma. The beard is different than hair and it can differ in terms of density from one patient to other. The operation which lasts for a few hours is performed under local anesthesia. In that way, the patient gets natural beard in a short time without having to feel any pain.


Once the operation is planned, the condition of the patient is evaluated with the help of drawing illustrations.


The most common reason to have beard transplants is that either the patient has very sparse beards or do not have any beards at all. Beard transplant can be applied from the age of 20-22 on, at the period of which the hormones settle in a basal level. This method is also preferred by those who would like to grow their sideburns or who love stubbly beard but do not have strong and enough number of strands. It can also be applied to males who has fragmentary hair.


If there is an regional loss in the individual, in this case the transplantation is planned according to the density of the hair in the neighbour area. If the patient does not have any beard at all, then the transplantation can be made according to the preference of the patient and from 1000 up to 3000 roots can be transplanted. In a person without any beard, transplantation of 400 roots in the area of chin and mustachio, 100 roots to sideburns for each side (total 1000 roots), even though would look distinctly sparse, it would still provide significant change in the looks.

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