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Filling Material

Filling material enjections are used to remove thin or deep wrinkles, treat the wound scars, erase the gaps on the skin, to give volumm to lips, to give weight on the chicks and to give shape on the face contour. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which are naturally found in the layer of the deepest dermis and which give moisture, fullness ans freshness to the surface, are used.

This important building stone, which declines in production with age in human skin, retains water and gives moisture to the skin. Along with aging, reduction of hyaluronic acid production leads to loss of elasticity and vitality of the skin along with decrease of elastic fiber, collagen fiber and fat texture, causing wrinkles and drooping. Synthetically produced hyaluronic acid as a filler with new technological techniques allows it to be injected subcutaneously and is easily toilated by the body due to its nature close structure. 6 – 12 month it is absorbed by skin. It is also safer in terms of side effects. The purpose of filling application is to get rid of the deep sediment under the section where the wrinkles, the scar or the sagging is done and it works by giving fullness to the applied area.

Filling material enjections are used for reducing sagging on the face, treatmnents on forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around the mouth, wrinkles from nose wings to lip corners, wrinkles from corner of mouth to chin, to signalize cheekbone, to accenting the lips and increasing the volume, remove the acne and wound scar. Filling material enjections can be also used for besides face aging hands, decollete and even for configuring around the breast. After the anesthetic cream is applied to the skin, the skin is cleaned with disinfectant liquids and filling materials can be applied with a special needlepoint injector or with a help of special cannulas. The duration of the process is usually 20 – 30 minutes and the effect of the filling can last for 6 – 18 months depending on the type of the material is used. After the process, doing a soft massage will make filling material to settle easily. After the ejections it is forbidden to make mouth exercises and taking bath with hot water. There can be seen temporary swelling, redness, bruise and sensitiveness on the process area. These side effects can be minimized by applying eye on the operated area. Generally, these side effects go back in a short period of time. Cover-up can be appied on these bruises. Before the operation using pain killers except parasetamol, aspirin and blood thinners medicines are not suggested.

The depressions and collapes under eyes which develop over the time give a tired and old expression on the person. The special filler materials which have been developed for these areas besides hyaluronic acid they also contain various aminoacid and antioxidants, therefore except only filling these areas, they give skin moisture and gleam.

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